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No one should ever have to decide how much is too much to save a pet’s life.

Did you know, once every 6 seconds, a pet owner faces a veterinary bill greater than $3,000. *

Don’t let this happen in your household.

Your furry friend deserves the very best. Owning a pet means you’re responsible for always making sure you’re able to cover any veterinary bills for treatment and emergencies. No matter how happy, healthy or fit your pet may seem, incidents or accidents can happen at any time. Your pet may encounter illnesses, hereditary and chronic conditions and/or injuries that require veterinary exams, diagnostic treatments and imaging, cancer treatments, alternative therapies, prescriptions and more.

With pet insurance, you never have to worry about being able to give your pet everything they need to stay healthy and happy. At Access Insurance, we know it’s not pleasant to think about anything bad happening to you four-legged friends, that’s why our team in Alberta are here to do the research for you and find you the best coverage across Canada. We’ll also explain how your pet insurance works, what it covers, how it works and how to get the right protection for all your furry family members. Contact us today!

* According to Petplan claims data, 2014

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