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Insuring what is most likely your biggest asset, your home, clearly makes sense.  Understanding what should be included in your home insurance policy however, isn’t always as clear.

Delivering your home insurance in a flat, packed box with an Allen-key and “some assembly required,” just isn’t right. We assemble your insurance policy for you, so all the parts are there, and you don’t have any missing pieces, or too many.

At Access Insurance, we want to make buying insurance easy. With a trustworthy advisor, competitive rates, and quick claim response, you won’t feel the common hassles that can come with homeowner’s insurance in Alberta.

Longer winters, wetter summers and all around unpredictable weather patterns means your property insurance needs are constantly evolving. Get the whole picture on how weather trends affect your home insurance evaluation at the Insurance is Evolving website.

Smart, Clear and Simple.

Access Insurance believes in working smarter. We get a clear understanding of what you need and explain our solutions to you in clear, everyday language. Buying insurance should be simple, so we remove the mystery and help you feel secure in your coverage.

Home Insurance is available at all of our locations in Edmonton, Stony Plain, Red Deer, Lacombe, and Lloydminster.

Also, feel free to call us at 780-435-2400 to speak with one of our Alberta insurance experts.

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Also, feel free to call us at 780-435-2400 to speak with one of our insurance experts.