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There are many types of commercial insurance that can be used to cover your business or corporation. We understand that every business has their own set of unique needs and circumstances that require different types of coverage. Access Insurance Group makes sure you have the package you need by comparing prices from the top insurance companies all around Canada, to bring you the very best coverage that’s the right match for your needs. No matter what industry you’re in, we’ll work until you can rest assured your business and its employees are safe when the unexpected happens.

With our advisory team being based in Alberta, we know the Albertan industries best—whether its energy, transportation, manufacturing, property, construction or other types of commercial insurance. Our team has the highest level of expertise in the industry, but we’ll make sure your commercial insurance is easy to understand, and keep our language simple, concise and free of jargon.

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Access Insurance is proud to work with the following suppliers for your insurance needs:

Small Business

You’re already running a small business in Alberta, taking care of CPP, EI, and everything else, as well as handling vendors, employees, and inventory! Get a small business insurance quote, talk to one of our experienced insurance brokers, and let them handle the insurance.

We’ll take care of the insurance, so you can get back to the work you do best.

Automotive Industry

We make protecting your business and your people simple. Something as seemingly straightforward as commercial auto insurance can become a world of rabbit holes and mazes if you don’t have someone to steer you in the right direction. Trying to get the right coverage for a fleet and the dealership or shop, just adds another layer of complexity.

We speak in a language you’ll understand and provide expert recommendations on the coverage your business actually needs, no matter how big or small. The simple reality is that accidents happen and when they do, Access Insurance can make sure you’re covered.

Commercial Real Estate

Ownership groups and portfolio and property management organizations all have a stake in real estate risk management. From natural hazards to complex functional challenges, managing real estate risks, preventing losses and insuring the operations of the businesses that run them can be difficult. At Access Insurance, we stay on top of the latest developments and contribute to customizing solutions that work for your specific needs.

As brokers, we have the ability to customize insurance packages for the unique considerations of your property operation.

Construction & Surety

It takes a lot of moving parts to complete a successful construction project. To make sure it all goes off without a hitch you need an insurance broker who understands those moving parts and the industry as well as you do.

At Access Insurance, we provide the personalized service that builds the insurance coverage you need. From contractors’ liability and developers’ liability to environmental needs, we’re here to make getting the right insurance coverage for your business easy. Find out what smart, clear and simple construction insurance and surety bonding looks like so your business can save money and protect against losses.


We know insurance for those who farm and grow is more specialized. We know this because it’s our job to understand your business and make sure our clients are protected. Farm insurance is a staple in Alberta, and we pride ourselves in local knowledge and expertise to get you the best rates we can.

Need workers’ compensation and fleet insurance? No problem. What about pollution coverage and crop insurance in Canada? Access Insurance has the answers. Our insurance brokers provide the insurance expertise and solutions that are smart, clear and simple so you can get back to farming and growing.

Health Care

In a complex industry that is constantly changing, you need an insurance broker that is up-to-date and responsive. You don’t have time to do the legwork and why should you? That’s part of how we make it easy for you.

We provide health care sector insurance solutions for hospitals, healthcare facilities, medical and para-medical professionals and organizations. Access Insurance has the in-house expertise you need to help minimize and manage risk.

Hospitality & Food Service

Because you work in an industry based on service, you know good service from great service. Access Insurance provides the great service you’re looking for along with the expertise you need for everything from risk management to claims situations.

Our team can help decode the jargon, lead you through the policies and, in the end, make it painless and simple to get the right hospitality & food service insurance coverage in place. In the insurance world, that’s great service.


Did you know that giving advice for a living means you need to insure yourself? Doctors, lawyers, consultants, and even auto mechanics and hairstylists are considered advisors. So if you’re an advisor in Alberta, before you start talking, you should think about professional liability insurance. If you give your clients information as an expert, and they follow it, or try to and fail, you could be liable.

Our insurance brokers are experts on keeping you protected and getting you the best liability insurance rates available. We work hard to know everything there is to know about the types of liability insurance and get you a free quote that fits what you need.


If you’re in the business of manufacturing, your focus is on business development, product expertise and process efficiency. You want your business to succeed and Access Insurance is here to help you do it. Knowing you’ve got the right insurance to cover all your risks and prevent losses helps you focus on what matters: your business.

Whatever you manufacture, your business has unique challenges and risks associated with it. Give Access Insurance a call to get your insurance the easy way. We’ll demonstrate our understanding of your risks and liabilities with clear, easy-to-understand language and provide the guidance and smart solutions you need for the right manufacturer’s insurance program.

Oil & Gas

Alberta thrives on the oil and gas industry and so does your business. Getting the coverage you need for your energy sector business can mean wading through a bureaucratic nightmare of insurance jargon. Many oil and gas sector businesses have multiple components, range in size from a few people to several thousand, and have specific risks that only industry experts can really understand.

From manufacturing to service, Access Insurance offers smart, clear guidance and options for your insurance needs so it’s simple for you to have the right coverage. Your custom insurance package may include commercial property insurance, liability insurance, vehicle insurance, surety bonding or any combination of specialty products designed for you.


Working in retail can be exciting and fun, but managing the insurance for your business rarely is. Access Insurance wants to help you retain the passion for your retail business by making insuring it easy. Your retail operation requires inventory, employee, property, business interruption and liability insurance, but discovering exactly how much of each — and any other needs — shouldn’t make you consider closing up shop.

Access Insurance helps you get the proper coverage for your retail business operation. Let us provide smart advice in clear language to make getting the coverage you need simple.

Surety Bonds

Providing guarantees in business can make or break your project. From construction to customs and licensing to lost documents, having access to appropriate bonding on time and at competitive rates can help your business succeed. Access Insurance provides surety bonding in Central and Northern Alberta on a quick turnaround basis.

We can quickly assess your needs, provide access to appropriate bonding and deliver documentation quickly. Give us a call for smart advice explained in clear language that makes getting surety bonding simple.


In the complex world of IT, your insurance shouldn’t be another thing you spend hours figuring out. Your processes, clients and expertise mean you have specific needs, and luckily Access Insurance has in-house specialists that understand your industry.

By combining property, liability and other professional insurance needs in customized packages, Access Insurance can help provide the best coverage at competitive rates.