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When you get your first car, it means freedom and independence. Your vehicle may be your means for the daily commute to and from work. You may drive your dream car that makes driving your favourite thing to do. No matter how you drive or what vehicle you own, you need to know that you have the right auto insurance to suit your driving needs as they are, and as they evolve.

Access Insurance is an insurance broker, which means we do all the tedious homework on automobile insurance for you. Once we’re done, we’ll bring you our expertly decided, optimal insurance quotes in the market and explain everything to you in a clear, concise, no-jargon language. Our friendly advisors across Alberta are here to remove all the guesswork for you.

Getting a great car insurance rate should be like finding a twenty-dollar bill on the ground. Put the easy back into your life and contact us for your auto insurance needs.

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Access Insurance saves time with voice & electronic signature options, all from your smartphone. We have shorter wait times and quicker responses.

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Access Insurance is proud to work with the following suppliers for your insurance needs:

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Assistance Memberships through our partner provide peace of mind with 24/7 call centres and the coverage you need. In the middle of nowhere, we’re there to help with flat tires, towing, dead batteries, when your car won’t start, you’ve locked yourself out or you’ve run out of gas.

All our memberships include coverage in Canada and the U.S. for:

Battery Boost – to jumpstart your vehicle

Door Unlock & Locksmith Coverage – because who hasn’t been locked out of their own vehicle?

Flat Tire Service – help to change a flat tire

Fuel Delivery – running out of gas never comes at a convenient time

Breakdown Assistance – help to deal with vehicle malfunctions

Towing – towing service to get your vehicle where it needs to go