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Anything worthwhile doesn’t come easy. We know you’ve worked for all that you have, from your beautiful home full of family memories to that fun-to-drive car you dreamed about for years. It could be that business you worked so hard to get off the ground, or maybe it’s all of the above. Whatever your unique situation, Access ELITE is specially created to help you protect those “Well done!” feelings.



When you have multiple homes and vacation properties, finding the right insurance can quickly become overwhelming. Working with an Access ELITE broker, you will be paired with someone who understands property investment, higher valued homes and international luxury homes. Access ELITE brokers know cross-border insurance and will eliminate the stress, helping navigate you towards choosing the right type of coverage. We have plenty of insurance options that will fully protect your properties, near or far.


Do you have an appreciation for beautiful cars and roaring engines? Our experienced team knows that a luxury fleet of cars, trucks, and motorcycles requires a specialized protection package. If your vehicles mean a lot more to you than just getting from A to B, work with an Access ELITE broker who understands high-end automobile insurance.


If you regularly enjoy discovering your surroundings and blazing new trails, typical recreation insurance might not be enough fully cover your needs. We offer specialized insurance packages for ATVs, RVs, snowmobiles, motorhomes, boats, and many more leisure vehicles and assets. Speak with an Access ELITE insurance broker to discover how to safeguard your explorer lifestyle.


Whether starting from scratch or becoming a franchisee, building a business takes commitment, dedication, and a team you can trust. Our entrepreneurial roots run deep, so rest assured our brokers speak your language when it comes to the types of coverage your business needs. Choose Access ELITE to bring you the best in commercial insurance.


When you have a family and multiple assets to consider, you know that gambling on life insurance is not an option. Access ELITE brokers will work with you to create a life insurance package that caters to the needs and lifestyle of your beneficiaries, providing incomparable peace of mind. Work with an Access ELITE broker to achieve the security your family needs if the unthinkable were to happen.


Fully protecting your lifestyle isn’t only about securing coverage on the big things such as businesses and properties, it is about knowing that everything you care about is covered. Access ELITE brokers are knowledgeable in a multitude of specialty insurance offerings, from luxury travel coverage to insuring your beloved pets.