Commercial Insurance in Alberta

Alberta Insurance for Alberta Business

Access Insurance wants to make sure you have the right business insurance for your organization. We know the ins and outs of Alberta commercial insurance—what you need, what you should consider—because we’re Albertans too. We’ll make sure your business insurance quote is explained in plain English, not insurance jargon.

Commercial Property Insurance

Dealing with building insurance shouldn’t feel like you’re trying to put out a fire. When you deal with us, we’ll take care of your building and contents insurance so you can spend less time with us, and more time with your clients.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Purchasing commercial vehicle insurance shouldn’t be painful. You want reassurance that your business assets will be protected. Access Insurance takes the pain out of commercial auto insurance. As insurance brokers, we work with a number of insurance providers, which means we do the research and provide you with the best rates. In the event of an accident, you can be sure that your Access Insurance broker will manage the claim, and advocate on your behalf to make the process fast and simple for you.

Commercial General Liability Insurance

Shopping for liability insurance can be complicated. Access Insurance will make it clear and simple. With a trustworthy advisor, you won’t get that glazed-over look as you try to understand your policy. As insurance brokers, we shop the top insurers and bring you the best liability insurance recommendations, with the most competitive rate, for your business’ needs.

Professional Liability Insurance

Did you know giving advice for a living means you need to insure yourself? Doctors, lawyers, consultants, and even auto mechanics and hairstylists are considered advisors. So before you start talking, you should think about professional liability insurance. If you give your clients information as an expert, and they follow it, or try to and fail, you could be liable.

Learn more about the importance of insurance services for your professional liability coverage.

Small Business Insurance

You’re already running a small business. Taking care of CPP, EI, and everything else, as well as handling vendors, employees, and inventory! Talk to one of our experienced commercial insurance agents and let them handle the insurance. We’ll take care of the work, so you can get back to what you do best.