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Access Insurance is proud to be an ongoing partner with the incredible professionals at STARS. STARS flew 3,022 missions across six bases in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba in 2016-2017.



Be a saviour. Pledge to stay safe year-round, and help us support the brave heroes at STARS.




The SOLUS™ Emergency Response App

Getting assistance through STARS is now easier than ever with this user-friendly smartphone app. SOLUS allows individuals to request and receive 24/7 emergency assistance through STARS anywhere in Canada, as long as a cell signal can be received.

SOLUS is for anyone who works, travels, or plays alone in rural or dangerous environments where medical assistance may be far away and difficult to obtain.

How it Works

SOLUS tracks the user’s location in real time. If the user requires urgent assistance, the app connects him or her with a live person 24/7 in the STARS Emergency Link Centre (ELC). STARS will then notify the user’s pre-defined emergency contacts while dispatching the appropriate level of response within minutes.

To learn more about the app, please visit



Here are a few of STARS’ VIP – Very Important Patient – stories.


Tyson Hribnak | Okotoks

After being caught in a propane explosion inside his family’s camping trailer, STARS helped Tyson to safely make the journey to the Alberta Children’s Hospital.

The boy and his grandfather were injured in the fire on August 31, 2012, while the family camped near Pincher Creek, AB.

To express his gratitude, Tyson raised funds for STARS by shoveling his neighbours’ walks in Okotoks.

Tyson, an avid advocate for STARS, has been featured in the 2014 calendar and in advertising for the STARS Lottery.


Brenda Schultz | Red Deer

Long before a crushing fall that left her paralyzed, Brenda Schultz bought – and sold – STARS calendars door to door.

In September 2011, Brenda was flown by STARS herself following a nearly five-metre fall from an outdoor deck on a rural property in Central Alberta. STARS pilots landed the helicopter at a nearby schoolyard in Alder Flats and flew her the rest of the way to University of Alberta Hospital in Edmonton.

Since her mission, Brenda has continued to give back to STARS in any way she can, volunteering with the STARS Lottery and helping sell STARS calendars.


Blake Wilford | Calgary

On August 19, 2010, Blake Willford set out on his Harley Davidson motorcycle to meet his wife, Amber, at their holiday trailer near Radium, BC. The setting sun and haze from the past weeks’ forest fires in the area made it more difficult to see, and Blake collided with a moose just a few kilometres from Radium.

Invermere EMS personnel were soon on scene and called for STARS due to the critical nature of Blake’s injuries. The ambulance carried Blake to a designated landing site where STARS picked him up and transferred him to Foothills Medical Centre.

Blake’s injuries were assessed and included a concussion with several areas of bleeding within the brain, a dislocated and broken jaw, and a fractured collarbone and rib. He remained in hospital for four days and was treated for minor neurological issues over the following few months. An MRI in September 2011 showed no further health concerns.


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