5 Insurance-Buying Hacks To Save You Money


When it comes to insurance, something our clients tell us again and again is that they want to save money. From how to save money on car insurance to how to save money on health insurance, it’s all about balancing coverage with saving options. Cheap insurance is great, unless it leaves you vulnerable to risks you face. Conversely, paying too much for insurance means you could be paying for coverage you don’t need.

While everyone is different, and the best insurance rates depend on a variety of factors, there are some things you can do that will almost always contribute to lower insurance rates.

1. Bundling

If you’ve ever wondered, “why is my insurance so high?” it could be because you aren’t bundling. Bundling insurance policies together is a great way to lower insurance rates. Many of the companies we work with in Alberta offer bundle discounts, which means buying say, home insurance and auto insurance from the same provider can bring your total insurance premium down.

2. Have a higher deductible

A deductible is the amount of money you pay in the event of a claim. Of course, a lower deductible sounds appealing, but if you pay more on your premium over time in order to pay less when you make a claim, you could end up actually spending more in the long run.

3. Make sure your information is up to date

Don’t use your vehicle to commute to work anymore? Had a garage sale and got rid of items that were protected under your tenant insurance policy? There are many little changes that can affect your insurance premiums, and keeping all your information up to date is the easiest way to make sure you’ve covered for what you need.

4. Drive safely

We know you’ve probably heard this again and again, but people with a safe driving record and no accidents will usually pay less for auto insurance. Since safe drivers present less risk, it makes sense that many insurance companies reward low-risk clients who build and maintain safe driving habits.

5. Use an insurance broker

Brokers save you money by comparing some of the best insurance companies so you don’t have to. They take the work out of shopping around, help you figure out what you actually need, and contribute to lower insurance rates.

We hope these hacks will help you save money on insurance. At Access Insurance, we care about getting our clients low insurance rates and the coverage that’s right for them. Get a free quote to find out how much we could save you!

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