STARS Support

Access Insurance is a dedicated and proud supporter of STARS because it’s another way we can be there for you at home, on the roads, and at work.

Be a saviour. Pledge to stay safe year-round, and help us support the brave heroes at STARS.


The SOLUS™ Emergency Response App

Getting assistance through STARS is now easier than ever with this user-friendly smartphone app. SOLUS allows individuals to request and receive 24/7 emergency assistance through STARS anywhere in Canada, as long as a cell signal can be received.

SOLUS is for anyone who works, travels, or plays alone in rural or dangerous environments where medical assistance may be far away and difficult to obtain.

How it Works

SOLUS tracks the user’s location in real time. If the user requires urgent assistance, the app connects him or her with a live person 24/7 in the STARS Emergency Link Centre (ELC). STARS will then notify the user’s pre-defined emergency contacts while dispatching the appropriate level of response within minutes.

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